Release: 21.04.2017
Label: Ace Up My Sleeve Records
Catalog No.: AUMSS001

After lots of positive feedback to Aconite’s „Bluff“ we are pleased to be able to compete the first Ace Up My Sleeve Records Special with this artist. Aconite himself is the founder of the label Mittel Zum Zweck and he exclusively provides us with his entire back catalog from the MZZ era.

Among the 17 tracks are his singles „Ambitus“, „Biest“, „In Persona“ and „Unkaputtbar“, as well as awesome remixes from Hardfloor, Pierre Deutschmann, Felix Bernhardt, Christian Weber, Colt , Michel Laro, Dominik Schwarz and zeromusic. On top we also get Aconite’s remixes to „Hillbill“ by UNFUG, as well as „Kankar Punsum“ and „Progress“ of the project Mittel Zum Zweck.