Release: 06.05.2017
Label: Amber Blue Recordings
Catalog No.: ABR008

Guided By Noises from Ciudad Juárez have already provided labels like Great Stuff or High Pressure with innovative releases. Now they are under contract with the Hamburg based label Amber Blue Recordings and continue their triumphant progress.

Let’s move through it: “Everything Is Moving” pushes in a very bass-heavy way through the speakers right from the first second, builds up slowly but steadily and flows into a crisp, deep-melodic summer tune. On the other hand, “Bad Faith” starts a lot more techy and seeks out to hands-in-the-air moments at any open air this summer. The final track is “It’s All Gone Tomorrow” with an experimental mixture of Deep- and Tech-House.

Hailing from Mexico, the rest of the world is now aiming. With Amber Blue Recordings as a partner right in the heart of Europe, nothing can stand in the way for a success story.