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Cooper Valley / Attraction

  • Release date: 22. Juli 2019
  • Label: Amber Recordings
  • Catalog #: AMBER051

The artist roster of Amber Recordings is getting bigger and bigger and now two Americans have found their way into the Amber Family. They listen to the name Unseen. and are currently in the process of gaining a higher profile in big steps.The basis for this are great productions, and they impressively show that with catalog number 051 from Amber Recordings. Techno meets musicality and this combination dominates the two in perfection. Great instrumentation, almost trance-like elements in the breaks and a mood that only a few techno productions can produce.All of these attributes make this release another highlight on Amber Recordings and show that in the US is growing a new great producer forge. So welcome: Unseen.

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    Cooper Valley Original Mix

  2. 2

    Attraction Original Mix