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Its One / Backbreak

  • Release date: 18. März 2019
  • Label: Amber Blue Recordings
  • Catalog #: ABR028

Wall Brown is back on Amber Blue and comes with a 2-tracker that will surely find its way into many sets and playlists. After his debut in 2018 and some really good remixes, he is now with 2 originals at the start, which produced to the point and only with restrained energy. „Its One“ captivates with its excellent groove, a few precisely inserted synth sound snippets, a cool vocal and an absolutely demanding bass line, which does not let a dance leg stand still. „Backbreak“ comes along a bit more relaxed and is similar in structure to the first number. But accentuated differently and with intelligent gimmicks, the production seems different and yet exciting. As described, it is difficult to get a picture of this release and it certainly makes sense to hear both tracks more often. But without exaggerating to describe, both are really „Floorfillers“ and used at the right time, they put the crown on every party. This is a perfect follow-up release for Wall Brown.

  1. 1

    Its One Original Mix

  2. 2

    Backbreak Original Mix