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  • Release date: 30. Dezember 2019
  • Label: Amber Recordings
  • Catalog #: AMBER054

The label boss is back on his own imprint and has snatched a long companion from the Amber family. The result is a cooperation between Wall Brown and Heinrich & Heine, which mentions the name „Kyano“ and which one probably would not have expected. Because the main track is rather a bit amber-untypical therefore and impresses with a mega groove, a cool vocal and a guarantee for full dancefloors.

But to make sure that everything goes well with the label, Daniel Levak contributed a great remix, which is also absolutely untypical for his standards. Normally he is based in the tech-house, but has delivered an absolute techno-bomb here. Nevertheless, retained the flavor of the original and just super fit packed in a new, contemporary garb. Just great.

A release that is a bit out of line, but also shows that Amber Records can not be limited and always tries to break new ground. Hello catalog number: 054

  1. 1

    Kyano Daniel Levak Remix

  2. 2

    Kyano Original Mix