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Lost Souls / Headache

  • Release date: 18. Februar 2019
  • Label: Amber Blue Recordings
  • Catalog #: ABR027

The Amber Blue family is constantly growing and so we can welcome another new face. Cut N Glue has already made a positive impact with various releases and in a very short time has not quite created a real good standing in the techno and house scene. Now he finds his way to Amber Blue with two great productions that would be called „Melodic House & Techno“ today. Demanding bassline, reduced percussions and very catchy melodies characterize both productions and with their absolutely up-to-date sound selection and partly also playfulness, they belong in any case to the high standard of the mentioned genre. A great debut for Cut N Glue and certainly an enrichment for the growing Amber family. Since you can look forward to even more.

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    Lost Souls Original Mix

  2. 2

    Headache Original Mix