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Nanobot (Touchtalk Remix)

  • Release date: 8. April 2019
  • Label: Amber Recordings
  • Catalog #: AMBER044A

The head – and label maker of Amber & Amber Blue Recordings is back on his own imprint with an absolutely sensational special. „Nanobot“ has been maturing a bit longer on the hard disk and now sees the light of day in the second part. After the melodic part 1 on Amber Blue, „Nanobot“ will be released in a second part, following the motto „Forward Ever – Backward Never“. The whole thing as a special that did not exist in the history of Amber Recordings.There is only one track here, or a remix that will be released, and with good reason. This is a reinterpretation of the two South American Superstars Touchtalk. To describe here where the two have already published their music would be beyond the scope.That’s why enough of the big words and the remix speaks for itself. Certainly an absolute grenade for the dancefloor and in South America it has already caused quite a stir and for the reasons mentioned makes it absolutely worth bringing this special release to the start for the first time in the history of Amber. That’s why we can say with pride. Hello in the Amber Family: Touchtalk

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    Nanobot Touchtalk Remix