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Not a Downer

  • Release date: 6. Mai 2019
  • Label: Amber Recordings
  • Catalog #: AMBER045

Two well-known names from the Amber Recordings family have teamed up on catalog number 045 and deliver a real techno highlight with „Not A Downer“. We are talking about Stefan Brandenburg and the lady in the team Stereophonie.Both are in the first few days of Amber Recordings, locked up in the studio, and came out with a production that reflects very well both artists. Stefan Brandenburg who is more in the pure techno-area settle and the more in the Tech-House affiliated Stereophonie. „Not A Downer“ is exactly the balancing act between the two and makes it very impressively clear how well the two harmonize in the studio. So perfect for Amber Recordings.But that is not enough, there is still a new act to welcome. Arts & Leni deliver a perfectly complementary remix and give the original a different look. A great debut and hello in the Family.In the future, you will hear a lot from everyone involved, and you will want more. But this release shines for the first time, which should not be missed.

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    Not a Downer Original Mix

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    Not a Downer Arts & Leni Remix