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Realm Of Love

  • Release date: 17. Juni 2019
  • Label: Amber Recordings
  • Catalog #: AMBER048

The Amber family keeps growing and becoming more and more international. An indication for this is that for the first time an producer from hungary makes its debut and comes around with a technoid, almost hypnotic production, which has it all in itself. Nuowo is the name of the good man and is currently one of the up-and-coming artists that some labels are looking for.Amber was one of the fastest and so for the first time a Nuowo-single comes out called „Realm Of Love“. The original captivates with a great balance between technoid and psychedelic, goa-inspired sounds and enters into a symbiosis that one does not find often. Absolutely worth listening to.Matching the original, two remix acts celebrate also their debut. On the one hand Paul Feris, who after great releases on labels like Jannowitz, Phobos or Natura Viva, now on Amber delivers an absolutely remarkable harder, more technoid interpretation of „Realm Of Love“ and the Producer-DJ-Duo einzig&artig. They go the whole thing a little grooviger and tidier and complete the package very well.Another great release from Amber Recordings and with the catalog-number 048, is slowly approaching a jubilee. But first here Welcome: Nuowo, Paul Feris and einzig&artig.

  1. 1

    Realm Of Love Original Mix

  2. 2

    Realm Of Love Paul Feris Remix

  3. 3

    Realm Of Love einzig&artig Remix