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  • Release date: 7. Januar 2019
  • Label: Amber Blue Recordings
  • Catalog #: ABR025

Amber Blue and the mother label Amber Recordings are also known for musical rides and that’s exactly what this release opens in 2019. After his debut on Amber, Diego Digital is now on Amber Blue with a new EP and it’s different as you would expect at the moment soundwise on Amber Blue. With „Travels“ Diego shows that even with few means can generate a fundamentally good mood and with his very restrained instrumentation, he manages to create a healthy balance between dance floor or couch, which makes the whole thing and is not commonplace. Sure, the three originals are not for everyone and not for every dance floor in the world, but that’s not the point, it’s about electronic music, which is just a broad spectrum. And this shows Amber Blue here in an impressive way. For those who still want an alternative, Rockwell & Landers have contributed a remix to „Sai Yok,“ which certainly works well on the dance floor, and reflects the pair’s typical good sense of perfectly uniting groove and emotion. All in all, an unfamiliar release in the Amber Blue catalog, which sticks out and is certainly to be classified as special. But that’s the exciting thing about music and does not diminish the quality by any means. In this sense: Welcome to the Amber Blue family: Diego Digital and Rockwell & Landers.

  1. 1

    Children of the Night Original Mix

  2. 2

    Sai Yok Original Mix

  3. 3

    Sai Yok Rockwell & Landers Remix

  4. 4

    Travels Original Mix