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  • Release date: 10. Juni 2019
  • Label: Amber Blue Recordings
  • Catalog #: ABR030

After a short break Amber Blue is back with a real highlight. The newcomer Cosis has found his way to the Amber Family and convinces with a melodic techno masterpiece. Beautiful instrumentation, well produced and absolutely suitable for the dancefloor, makes „Welcome“ a great debut.Not enough tehere are 3 remixes join this release. In the first place the two Spaniards are called Phi6. They give the whole thing a bit more energy and with a perfect selection of the original samples and their own interpretation of the original, they create a perfect complement to the original, which could not have been bettered.The same goes for the remix of Daniel Glover. Somewhat groovy, with elements of the original in perfect connection, make this remix of the sympathetic Englishman to a real „must have“.This certainly applies to the remix that comes from Finland. Hrederik, like everyone else on this release, celebrates his debut on Amber with his remix to „Welcome“, which is almost technoid and hypnotic. But absolut to the point and completes this package very well.A very international release and again an exclamation point in the Amber Release Schedule. There is something for everyone and at a high level, the Amber Family enriches it immensely. Welcome Cosis, Phi6, Daniel Glover and Hrederik. Great job.

  1. 1

    Welcome Original Mix

  2. 2

    Welcome Phi6 Remix

  3. 3

    Welcome Daniel Glover Remix

  4. 4

    Welcome Hrederik Remix