• Releasedate: 13. Januar 2020
  • Titel: Dukkha

Amber Blue Recordings will start in 2020 just as they left off in 2019, with the expansion of the now very large family. With QuiQui comes a new face, and he is certainly no stranger. After great releases on Labels like Cinematique, Nulab or Natura Viva, he finds now with his track „Dukkha“ a new home and shows that he is absolutely up to date and has an extraordinary good feeling for the interplay of sounds. Absolutely worth listening to.

Likewise the remix of also a new face on Amber Blue: Mentat. He is still a relatively new face in the scene, but has attracted attention worldwide with his release on Traum and also convinces with a superb remix. Super produced and everything that currently has to have in a contemporary production, has this remix.

A strong release and with two new faces also a perfect debut in the release year 2020 for Amber Blue. In this sense. Welcome: QuiQui & Mentat.