• Releasedate: 20. Januar 2020
  • Titel: Ascension Day

An old acquaintance is back on Amber Blue Recordings. The Editor will be on board again in 2020 and will return to the dancefloors of the world with a new track called „Ascension Day“. Vocals, Groove and Rhythm bear his unmistakable signature and make this production again a real highlight. Always a bit different from current trends, The Editor manages to get a place in the hearts of dancers and deejays time after time and that’s why he’s back on ABR036.

The perfect alternative is the Cut N Glue Remix. This man is also no stranger and had his debut already on Amber Blue and after the great resonances, it was clear he must once again release something on Amber Blue and so the idea for this release was made a remix. You do not need to say much. Do you have to listen? Simply stunning, gorgeous.

Welcome back: The Editor & Cut N Glue